Monday, September 24, 2012

Chennai or Dubai?

Well, after a year I visited the place I grew up. And now I have found a lot of things negative about it.  Of course it is a city which is more than 300 years according to Madras day celebrators.But the city I once loved has deteriorated and that too very badly in the last few years.

One extremely appalling fact about the city is there is absolutely no parking anywhere none whatsoever. And the worst part is that the police take full advantage of this situation. My father who is about 70 years old, parked his car for two minutes and that too on a side road which was not even a main road and he had to pay a 200 rupee fine. Just minutes before that he had requested the watchman of the building that we wanted to go to to allow him to park for a few minutes in a reserved parking slot. Neither did the watchman have a heart, nor did the police.

This is just one of the many woes in the city. The roads which I was once really proud of is actually full of potholes. And I couldnt see one road in the entire city which was devoid of it.

Prices of everything has gone up so much since I last visited that I have suddenly got this feeling that Dubai is cheaper and a lot more classier.  Atleast the buildings here look nice. Some of the absolutely horribly constructed buildings charge more than a crore for prospective buyers. It just doesnt make sense anymore.

And somehow people seem to have more money than the Indian expats here in Dubai. Is there something wrong? I thought that since we didnt have to pay tax here we would be better off than them. But I find myself to be more calculative and hesitant in spending money than the people actually residing there.

After about a week, I had had enough of the place and really wanted to get back here. But I am disappointed, because now I really dont know where I would go when the day comes for me to leave Dubai.  Because whatever said and done, that day is bound to come sometime in the future!