Monday, November 28, 2011

Hyderabad Blues

Finally went to a destination which was not Trichur or Chennai. This time I went to Hyderabad. For once it was a change. Of course it did look a lot familiar to me. As most buildings resembled the ones in my hometown of Chennai but this was more of a hilly city.
The Salar Jung museum is definitely worth seeing especially for history buffs like me. But apparently they have removed most of the valuable stuff like jewels. (Or this is the news conveyed to me by a relative). But the statue of veiled Rebecca, the musical clock and the double figured wooden statue with Mephistopheles and the image of Margaretta in the mirror was really good. I am a museum geek. I have loved Mysore palace and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in the past. But I know that this may not be very interesting to people who dont really care much for History.

Next up was the Charminar. I really wished somebody would paint it with Apex Ultima. I mean when all  other countries can maintain their landmarks so well why cant we?? Apparently this is a UNESCO world heritage site.And its not like we dont have the money. It would cost only a few crores compared to the thousands of crores being scammed in nationwide scams! People just dont care anymore or what? Or is it that we want to portray ourselves continuously as a third world country?

The Birla Mandir was a much better site with all the marble. And of course it has one of the best views of this hilly city. Wish I could have stayed for more than an hour over there but we had a wedding reception to attend the same evening.

The next whole day was spent at Ramoji Film City. We had a funny tour guide, who cracked his jokes with the most serious expression on his face. Maybe he was made to mug a script by-heart? Anyways this has been spread over a sprawling 2500 acres. Supposedly the largest film city in the world.Lots to walk. The movie making and stunt shows were good. Food was horrible and overpriced.I dont think I would want to go back there again just for this one reason.And we werent lucky enough to witness a live shooting.

The last day was spent visiting relatives. And finally in the evening we went to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to return to Dubai. This was by far the best airport I have been to in India. It definitely was of international standards. And even Jet Airways runs much better flights to and from Hyderabad compared to the lousy flights they normally send to Chennai. All in all it was a pleasant trip. And my next destination-> yup gotta be Bombay a.k.a Mumbai.