Friday, October 17, 2008

Boredom and Loneliness

I came across this saying in one of my friend’s blog posts: There is a certain point in your life, when you are bored of ambition and achievement, even if you haven’t achieved anything. May be I have understood the difference between dreaming and achieving. The difference is work, which is the boring part. Glory is achieved through pure hard work, which makes the whole premise of glory boring.
In any case, contentment with what I am and what I have done till now is a quality which arises due to boredom, lack of enthusiasm to achieve anything.
I suffer from an inspiration syndrome. I want something to be life altering or I would have nothing to do with it. The first minute I sense boredom with my passion, passion ceases and boredom takes over. “

This aptly describes my current situation. Boredom and loneliness are my 2 best friends now, despite living in a world well conected by mobiles, orkuts , facebooks et al.