Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happiness peaks in old age?

Recently read this interesting article in Bhavan's Journal. Its about people being happiest after they turn 80. Their lives are easier because they have taken care of everything by then, their children are looking after them. The proverbial rat race is over. You have more time for family and friends. No more politics to play (except for the ageing politicians in India of course). But otherwise life is generally the best in your 80's.

I dont think I will live that long but I agree with the being happier part. Despite all her worries my grandmother is definitely happier than I am. I am all of 28 years old. I lost my dream job thanks to the recession and some other reasons. I have been trying since then to claw my way back into the job with no success. I dont have any kids of my own, though kids of other people somehow magically seem to get along with me. I am not getting any richer. I dont have anything new to celebrate about, I am trying my level best to lose weight and going back to my old self. No success there none whatsoever.

I just wish I had something new to look forward to now. Like last year I had finished my PGDIB, took my Driving license.The year before I learnt swimming. I need a new challenge now. Otherwise I am going to become moody and depressed again.