Saturday, August 22, 2009

Funny People

Royal Bank of Scotland offered us free tickets to a movie on Fridays. While the last two were good. The one we saw yesterday was hopeless. Its called Funny People. IS THIS COMEDY??? I wanted to hang myself for seeing this movie. Not one joke worth laughing at. Seemed all of them were competing for "who speaks the most abusive language"award, ladies included. We walked out halfway through the film.

Seriously now my respective for Malayalam film directors and comedians have doubled. They are simply the best in comedy and maybe Hollywood could take a cue from them rather than making such silly films.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Relationships....

Why is it that new relationships freak me out? I dont know. I have had 3 jobs and each time I went into the new one I was so scared of meeting unfamiliar faces. Now I am scared of the new member coming into the family. Maybe I was never comfortable with any one person for long enough. I always have thought if I had made a different set of friends like the ones I have now when I was back at my hometown.

On the brighter side , my second slogan this year has won me a prize. A much coveted Friends DVD for a friendship day competition. Maybe I should concentrate more on slogans.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chennai - Hop On Hop Off Tour

Recently we went on the Chennai Hop On Hop Off tour. It was the first of its kind that I was undertaking in India. There are basically 2 routes. One into the city of Chennai and one on the ECR. The ECR route was the one we chose. The stops included the Thiruvithanthai temple , Dakshina Chitra, MGM , Mayajaal, Crocodile Bank , Muttukadu boating house and Mahabalipuram. Ok I have messed up the order, but the idea is that it covers all these places which are major hotspots along the ECR. And there are certain discounts at these places also. Like for instance the Muttukadu boat ride is available free with these tickets. The bus tour has been organized by TTDC and costs around Rs 190 for the ECR route(after introductory discounts, dunno if its still there). I am told the city route comes to around Rs 250. The buses are new and air-conditioned. So the ride is enjoyable. There is a guide on board every bus.The only deterrent that day was the weather as it was the end of June and a good 40 degrees celsius of summer heat.

If it hadnt been for that everything else was perfect that day. I am hoping that this tour lasts for long, as the buses were mostly empty. But then we had traveled on a weekday. I dont know how the situation is on the weekends. Maybe it will find more takers in the so-called winter season of December-January. So here's wishing it all the best.