Monday, June 2, 2008

Dubai Woes

Dubai and Sharjah are definitely amongst the top ten worst planned cities of the world. While most people living outside of Dubai are unaware of this.It's high time the administrative bodies of these cities note the fact and make some changes about this.

Each city or Emirate as it is known here is ruled by a different ruler. And between them there is no unity or harmony, and who suffers because of this? Ya no points for guessing.....the middle class as always.

Well you might ask who is middle class here. While there is no clear line of demarcation, it practically refers to the entire working expatriate population minus the priveleged Europeans, Americans and the other white-skinned races. While the former makes up about 90% of the population, there is nothing done to ease their misery in these cities and if anything something new is added to their cup of woes everyday.

Yesterday practically everyone took 2-3 hours to reach offices from their homeS(We are talking of a distance of 10-15 kms here). There will soon be tolls on all major highways very soon. As if all this is not enough , they will be introducing VAT (value added tax). Rents are extremely high, there is no good public transport facility.It was already a nightmare to live here, now how on earth do we survive? Is anybody from the municipality even listening.We continue to crib endlessly. And they continue to turn a deaf ear to our pleas consistently.