Saturday, January 5, 2008


This is an article I like about Sachin : .

The content is as follows:

This is in response to some of the disheartening mails that came from the so-called Indian cricket fans maligning Sachin Tendulkar in 7DAYS on Sunday March 25th 2007.Recently when India won the series against West Indies and Sri Lanka the whole nation was agog with celebrations and suddenly India was touted as the top contenders to win the 2007 World Cup. Sachin Tendulkar Man of the Series in the series against West Indies. Do you think we would have made it to the 2003 World Cup finals without him?It was mainly his effort that made India a force to reckoned with.Why is he being blamed after all the effort this time?What happened to the other greats in the team?A World Cup should a collective team effort and not something won by a one-man army. Australia has proven this time and again. Why can't we learn a lesson from them?Why blame one person for the failure of 11 people?If you ask me, Sachin shouldn't play for India at all.He should play for a more grateful nation that remembers his talented game. What if Sachin had been an Australian, India would have stopped playing International Cricket at least 10 years ago!! Whatever wins India have had over the last 10 years have been only because of him.In the last two World Cups he was the top scorer, and in the World Cup 2003 he was the man of the series.How quickly people forget all this!I think 7DAYS shouldn't entertain this kind of negative publicity against a great player like Sachin.Always remember India will never have a batsman like Sachin ever again. And his retirement would only sound a death knell to the Indian cricket team.