Sunday, June 3, 2007

My First Blog

Atlast I am making my first step into the world of bloggers. To start with I shall give a brief description about me. I am among those confused souls in life who basically went into IT because everybody around me thought it was the best thing to do and have regretted it ever since.

Given a choice , I would have become an English schoolteacher. But of course the remuneration for such a profession would have been 1/3rd of my current salary. That, and the fact that these days people only talk about their ever-increasing salaries in the IT profession and onsite opportunities have forced me to stick to this profession though I really hate it.

I am a java programmer(Now , now I know there are tens of thousands of Java programmers in this world). But I happen to be among them even though I dont like it.I am a voracious reader, and I started reading novels since the age of 7. I do dream of being a good writer some day. But for the time being I have put that hope on the back burner.

Apart from reading I love listening to music. All type of music that too! My kind of ideal life would be to curl up on the sofa listening to music and reading the books I love all the time. But since they dont pay for doing this I have to do some Java programming daily in order to sustain myself in this world.

I am basically a lazy person, too lazy for my own liking.I take things easily and this has led me in to many troubles from time to time. I am not a very ambitious person. I used to be. But these days I have just given up hope, as nothing works the way I want it to.

I dont have too many friends, why ? well I dont have a correct answer for that. Not that I dont like socialising. But from my childhood my parents have taught me to be weary of friends , so as a result I dont really trust anybody quickly. And thus I maintain my distance from people even if they really mean well.

Why did I name this blog as return-2-innocence? Well I first heard or rather saw the video of the song Return to innocence by Enigma on MTV, and somehow the theme, and the title of this song brought many connotations to my mind. Why not go back to those good old days where life was rid of all this violence and strife that people face on a daily basis?

I have only one recurring dream. Of returning to my childhood home in Chennai, Tamilnadu , India and suddenly all those people I was close to in my childhood are present there in order to welcome me.Like all my other dreams I know that this also wont happen, but heck whats wrong in dreaming??